Best Keylogger Software – See Someone’s Keystrokes on PC

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It may seem risky to meddle into what someone is typing on their PCs, but what if it’s the only way to find out the truth? Keystrokes don’t lie, right?

Well, with today’s advanced keylogger software technology, keyboard tracking to catch cheaters or see kids’ activities and collecting sensitive information have become a piece of cake.

You can search online for the best free keylogger or best keystroke recorder, and hundreds of apps will appear before you, but are they reliable? Do they have Stealth Mode? Are they not a scam?

In this article, we carefully handpicked the best keylogger software for you. Read on and check them out yourself!

1. ClevGuard – Best Keylogger for Windows

If your target computer runs on Windows, and you only need basic monitoring and keylogging features, ClevGuard is the app to go.

ClevGuard is an expert when it comes to monitoring kids’ devices, but its products, like MoniVisor for Windows, can be used to monitor any Windows computers for various purposes. Besides that, you won’t have to worry about the risk of getting caught as ClevGuard for Windows has a built-in Stealth Mode.

ClevGuard MoniVisor for Windows

Track Child’s Windows Computers Easily

Read WhatsApp Chats & Attachments

Capture PC Screen Automatically

Track visits, downloads, and views

Record every keystroke

Remote Keylogger

Once ClevGuard for Windows is installed on the target computer, it will record all the keyboard entries and sync the data to your ClevGuard Control Panel remotely. You don’t need to connect any data cable to the computer to see someone’s keystrokes.

A keylogger can help you extract important texts such as drafts, passwords, emails, etc.

Clevguard Keylogger

Yes! You will see the app and the date/time when the keystrokes were registered. This can give you an idea on the purpose and the context of the texts someone enters on their computer keyboard.

Browser History

Secure a list of all the visited websites on the target computer. This feature comes in handy if you need to know whether your kids are watching adult videos online or if your partner is on dating sites. There are instances where they may have already added the websites to the bookmarks, leaving nothing for the keylogger to find.

ClevGuard Chrome

Export Keystroke Data

In cases where you need to make a backup or produce a proof of cheating or of child abuse, ClevGuard allows you to download a computer’s keystroke data in bulk. You don’t need to export each keystroke one by one, saving you a lot of time.

ClevGuard Export Data

In addition, there are other files and data that you can download with the Data Export feature. You can download entire Web, File, Login, and App activities as well.

So, if you want a simple way to record keystrokes on someone’s Windows PC, ClevGuard is the best app for you. Just click on the button above to subscribe.

ClevGuard MoniVisor for Windows

Track Child’s Windows Computers Easily

Read WhatsApp Chats & Attachments

Capture PC Screen Automatically

Track visits, downloads, and views

Record every keystroke

2. FlexiSPY – Ultimate Keylogger Software

Now, if you need a more powerful keylogger software that monitors keystrokes and other computer activities all in one Dashboard, you will need to use FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY is proven to be one of the best programs when it comes to monitoring different computer functions. Yes! This is because it offers a lot of features that cater to a wide array of needs. One of these reliable features is the Keyboard tracker.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

FlexiSPY Keylogger can record every keystroke on the keyboard. Not even a single letter or character can escape it. Besides that, there are a lot of other features that can help you have a full monitoring experience such as:

Screenshot Capturing – gives you access to someone’s PC screen and see what they are doing in real-time by taking screenshots remotely.

FlexiSPY Take Screenshots

Webcam & Mic Hacking – allows you to see and hear what the user of the target computer is doing without you around.

Social Media Hacking – lets you hack Social Media and Instant Messaging accounts. You can use this feature to hack someone’s Facebook or read someone’s chats on WhatsApp.

FlexiSPY Dashboard


FlexiSPY’s device support is wider than other computer monitoring programs. It can support both Windows and macOS computers. Yes! It’s a perfect Mac Keylogger, too

Overall, the features presented above are but a glimpse of what FlexiSPY can do. If you want to know more about them or try out the best free keylogger software yourself, you may click the button below to start your free trial.

Bonus: mSpy – Best Keystroke Recorder for Android and iOS

For all-around keyboard tracking, you also need to monitor keystrokes on your targets’ phones. And that’s where you need to use mSpy. You can’t stop at PC keylogging as there are also important texts and information you can find on their phones.

mSpy can record the keystrokes on a phone, regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS. This allows more flexibility in cases where the target phone uses either or both operating systems.


mSpy Phone Hacker

Hack Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Spy on all social media apps, FB, IG, Twitter, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Record Keystrokes

Everything that the person types using their phone keyboard is recorded if you use mSpy. You will see the texts, usernames, emails, passwords, and other login details that were registered using the target phone’s keyboard.

This makes keyloggers a powerful tool as it can be used to hack Social Media accounts and Online Banking indirectly.

mSpy Keylogger

mSpy is full of phone monitoring features that you can use for different situations. You can explore them by clicking the button below.


Using a powerful keylogger software also comes with responsibility. While such tools may be hidden on the target device, it is best that you still exercise caution when using them.

Nevertheless, if you want a user-friendly remote keylogger, the ones suggested above will definitely make monitoring someone’s keystroke easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a keylogger collect saved passwords?2022-03-31T01:53:06+00:00

If the concerned passwords have been saved before you installed the keylogger, it is impossible to see them. Keyloggers cannot record saved texts.

Is using keylogger software illegal?2022-03-31T01:52:16+00:00

Using keyloggers on devices not your own without any permission can be considered illegal, especially when you are caught in the act. That’s why you need to use a keylogger that is 100% invisible or has a Stealth Mode option to avoid discovery.