Bearded Dragon Toys and Activities to Level Up the Fun

By Last Updated: October 13th, 2023Categories: Pet Products

Bearded dragons are free animals, especially when they’re in the wild. It’s in their nature. Because of this, some of them could have a hard time living as pets. You see, staying in an enclosure and crawling around the reptile carpet all day without much is boring. The kindest thing owners can do is to provide toys or let them enjoy certain activities once in a while.

If you give your pet bearded dragon toys and let them enjoy enrichment activities, you can surely improve the quality of life in the enclosure. This can help them stay healthy and away from illnesses.

Now, if you are looking for ideas on bearded dragon toys and fun activities, you’ve just landed on the right page. In this article, we have great suggestions for you to take your reptile friend’s fun to the next level.

Part 1: Bearded Dragon Toys You Should Consider

As per our interview with bearded dragon owners, these are the toy ideas we’ve found that were seen to make our reptile friends happy. We’ve also included some of our own toy suggestions in case you are having a hard time looking for one.


Bearded dragons are known to be loners in the wild. And like other animals, they don’t know what they look like. You can use that as a way to entertain them. All you need to do is find a mirror; you can buy one or repurpose an old mirror and place it where your bearded dragon can see the reflection from inside the enclosure.

Mirror Bearded Dragon

When the mirror finally gets your pet’s attention, they’ll be tricked to see another bearded dragon. This can make your beardie friend less lonely. However, you must know that the reaction may vary from one bearded dragon to another. Some may get aggressive and angry toward the reflection, while others may just glance in curiosity.


Another enjoyable toy for bearded dragons is a floaty, especially during bath time. You see, our bearded friends are not fond of water most of the time, which makes them difficult to clean and wash. They may be afraid of drowning. But with colorful floaties around, you will be able to eliminate the fear to let them relax during a dip.

Floaties Pack

There are packs of floaties sold online that you can enjoy. They are good not only for beardies but also for other kinds of pets. If you want to buy one, we can recommend this pack of animal floaties. As reviewed by our team, these floaties are safe as there are no toxic chemicals present And they can be inflated in just 10 seconds.

Bearded Dragon Hide

Bearded dragon hides are not really toys as they are used more as part of the aesthetics of the enclosure, like a shelter. However, not everyone gets hides for their bearded friends. If yours doesn’t have one in the enclosure, it may be time for you to introduce hides. They can create more space and provide scenery to the enclosure.

This can trick your bearded dragon into thinking it’s in a new environment. You see, such a reptile loves hanging out in closed spaces and likes to explore new places.

Bearded Dragon Hide

In case you are looking for hides, we recommend this Natural Bearded Dragon Hide by DC ADYOU. This hide really looks like real wood bark, which introduces a feeling that your bearded dragon is back to nature. It can also act as a playground for the pet. And the good thing about this hide, unlike real ones, is that it won’t decay over time, which makes it much more economical and easier to clean.

Cat Wand

Many bearded dragon owners have also noted that cat toys are effective in entertaining their pets. This is especially true if you use cat toys that have a dangling effect that the bearded dragon can follow. Yes! Bearded dragons are curious, too.

Cat Wand

We suggest installing the toy on a long rod or wand and having it attract your pet. It will definitely chase it. If you’re interested, we recommend the Cat Wand 2 Pack by CAT DANCER. You no longer need to make your own wand.


Last but not least, small balls may be affordable and easy-to-find toys for your bearded dragon. Balls can easily get the attention of your reptile friend. It can encourage interaction, which can result in exercise for your pet.

Balls Toys

Don’t give your bearded friend balls that are hard and heavy. You may stick with small rubber balls or those used in ping pong. They are lightweight and easier to interact with for bearded dragons, which makes them more enjoyable to poke around for your pet. Hpwever, avoid using a ball that is too small as it easily become a choking hazard.

Part 2: Fun Activities for Your Bearded Dragon Friend

Aside from playing with toys, there are many enjoyable activities you and your bearded dragon can do, too. And we’ve picked the best ones so you can really have a fun bonding time with your pet.

Take Your Bearded Dragon for A Walk

Like dogs, bearded dragons also enjoy a walk around the house or the neighborhood. This is important especially since bearded dragons as pets are usually just hanging out in an enclosure. Walking is great exercise, too.

Walking Bearded Dragon

However, when walking your pet bearded dragon, you may need to secure it with a harness. You can purchase one at exotic pet shops. They have bearded dragon harnesses that can perfectly fit your reptile friend. This is important because you wouldn’t want your bearded dragon to slip away and get lost.

Let Them Watch TV

As mentioned, bearded dragons are curious pets, too. They love checking out and looking through their enclosure. If you think your pet bearded dragon has been dealing with boredom, you may move its enclosure near your TV so it can watch and have a change in scenery.

You may also use your cellphone, tablet, or computer if you can’t bring the enclosure near the TV.

Cuddle with Your Reptile Friend

Bearded dragons may not be known for being touchy, but they do like getting handled and held once in a while. It makes them feel connected and used to their owner, which makes your relationship with the pet much stronger.

Cuddle Bearded Dragon

Physical touch also helps with familiarity. It can help reduce the risks of your reptile pet biting or attacking you.

Make Them Hunt

In the wild, bearded dragons are natural predators, especially of bugs and insects. Yes! They may look relaxed and chill, but they love hunting and chasing their food. It gives them pleasure.

You can set up some insects in their enclosure or somewhere safe. You can start with earthworms, crickets, and roaches. They are the most common insects that bearded dragons eat. There are also worms that you can buy in exotic pet shops that are food for reptiles in general.

Use A Laser Pointer

Well, if hunting bugs and insects is out of reach, you can still improvise by using a laser pointer. Yes! Cats are not the only ones that chase lasers, bearded dragons, too, have a thing for it. It can be a great way to practice their hunting skills.

Bearded Dragon Chasing

Play only for at least 5 minutes to avoid exhausting your beaded friend too much. We also suggest that you give your pet treats whenever it successfully chases down the laser point. That way, the experience becomes rewarding for them.


Do not point the laser in your bearded dragon’s face, especially its eyes. That could upset or confuse your pet, which could result in sudden aggressive behavior.

Let Your Bearded Dragon Swim

It’s true that bearded dragons are not much of a swimmer, but you can still put them in a tub of water once in a while. However, we suggest that you let them swim with floaties so they have something to hold onto. As mentioned, such toys can greatly reduce stress for them.

Final Thoughts

Those are bearded dragon toys and activities you can let your pet reptile enjoy. You can follow them or improvise from them depending on your situation. In fact, there are even more ideas, but we’ve only picked the ones that the majority of the bearded dragon owners we’ve interviewed so far have in common.

Of course, you can add more toys and activities as interaction or reaction to such varies according to your pet’s preferences.


Since bearded dragons can’t talk, you can only tell they’re happy through how they behave. One reliable sign is when they show excitement and interest whenever you come near their enclosure. Another is when they don’t get aggressive when you hold them. They may even fall asleep on your lap or chest. It means they are happy and comfortable with you.

Yes! Bearded dragons can enjoy stuffed animals, too. In the wild, they are not used to snuggling soft materials, which makes stuffed toys feel like a good treat. However, bearded dragons have sharp claws so don’t be surprised if they always tear stuffed animals apart.

Yes. In fact, they are considered one of the best lizard pets you can get. Unlike other reptile pets, bearded dragons are active during the day, which makes them ideal pets. They rarely bite and are fond of humans, too.

Yes. Bearded dragons bite. However, biting doesn’t happen often. Otherwise, it could be a sign that your reptile pet is being upset or territorial. But according to surveys, the majority of owners never experience any biting incidents throughout their bearded dragons’ lifetime.