This Helpful Bark Review Tells You If It Really Works

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Are you a concerned parent looking for the best parental control app to monitor and regulate your kids’ activities online? It’s quite difficult to find which tool is reliable these days as there are widespread scams and apps out there that are too good to be true.

You may have read a lot of parental control apps and Bark reviews already, and you are tired of browsing through the web. Well, look no further! In this article, you will explore Bark Parental Control reviews as well as other alternative monitoring apps. Read on for more details.

Part 1: Bark Reviews – How Good Is Bark Parental Control App?

Many parents who invested in their children’s well-being know about Bark Parental Control App. If you don’t, it’s time that you do.

Bark is a parental control program dedicated to monitoring kids’ activities on the phone. It claims to be able to check up on children without having to invade their privacy or making them uncomfortable. That is because the ones who made this app are experts in Psychology and that they designed it to encourage parents to communicate with their kids from time to time.

Bark App Parental Control Poster

How Does Bark App Work?

Bark can check your kids’ texts, emails, and social media, and analyze them using keywords with machine learning. This way, you will receive important notifications about their online activities. Yes! It will prompt you whenever your kids are doing anything suspicious like watching inappropriate content or if they get involved in illegal drugs or bullying online.

This parental control app can also alert you about your kids’ suicidal tendencies or if they have fallen victim to the hands of predators and pedophiles. It’s surely geared toward child protection.

However, the app’s alert feature does not really include the entire conversation. It will only report the important remarks made by the people whom your kids are interacting with. And from those reports, you can make your fair and informed judgment on the situation.

Bark Alert Feature

Does Bark Have A Desktop App/Chrome Extension?

Bark does not support computers as it does not have a dedicated Bark Desktop App; however, it does operate on iOS and Android devices. You can definitely use it on your kids’ phones.

But if you really want to use Bark on your kids’ PC, you may download and install Bark Chrome Extension on your Kids’ Chrome browser. This way, you can monitor their web browsing activities.

Part 2: Bark Alternative – Two Powerful Parental Control Apps

According to the Bark reviews above, Bark parental control app clearly defines and protects your kid’s privacy during monitoring. This may lead to some blind spots and missing information. But don’t worry! There are alternative parental control apps that can show you everything that your kids do, without any privacy restrictions.

1. FlexiSPY – Best Parental Control App for Windows and Mac

If you want to monitor all of your kids’ computer activities, there is no better option than FlexiSPY for Windows and Mac. It will give you powerful parental control features and monitoring perks that others can’t.

FlexiSPY is known for its Screen Capture feature that allows parents to see what their kids are doing in real time through screenshots. This means that you will see if they are playing games, studying, or watching something online.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

Combined with that, you can also hack your kid’s Mic to see them and hear what they are talking about without you around. These are only 2 of the myriad of features you can get with FlexiSPY.

Besides microphone hacking you may also enjoy the other 2 features below:

Web Browser History – this feature gives you access to a list of all the webpages your kids visited, including time and date. This way, you can make sure that they are only subscribing to child-friendly sites.

Hack Social Media and Instant Messaging apps – this feature can help you hack your kids’ Social Media/IM accounts and monitor their activities there. Yes! You can hack their Facebook and other favorite Social Networking accounts with this one. This way, you will know if they are up to no good.

FlexiSpy Hack Social Media

With these features in mind, you can surely protect your kids from any online threats, and your heart will surely be at peace knowing that your kids are always safe.

In case you wish to try out FlexiSPY on your child’s computer, just click on the button above to create your account and subscribe for a free trial.

2. mSpy – Best Parental Control Program for Android and iPhone

When it comes to monitoring Android and iOS phones, nothing beats mSpy! This spy tool turned parental control app can unlock what your kids are keeping from you without them knowing.

mSpy is a proven and reliable tool that can give you access to all the relevant activities on your child’s phone. You can see who and what they are texting and their webpage history. This allows you to have a more complete approach as you protect them from any malicious people and content.

mSpy Parental Control
Monitor your child’s mobile device without them knowing! Stop worry, let’s take action!

  • Track real-time and history GPS location & geofence setup
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browsing history
  • Read Social Media: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc

Aside from that, you may also use the features below to intensify your parental control measures on your kids’ phones:

Social Media Chats – you can read your kids’ chats on Social Media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchats, and many more. This will give an in-depth look on how they treat other people as well as see if they are interacting with predators.

mSpy Viber

GPS Locations/GeoFence – in case of emergencies or if your kids are missing, you can easily locate them with these features. With GPS Locations, you will know where on the app your kids are located with the address and date & time. Setting up GeoFence, on the other hand, can give your alerts whenever they get out of a specified area.

mSpy Track Location

Block WIFI/Apps/Websites – If your kids are addicted to their phones, you can simply block off their network connection and their favorite apps and websites. This comes in handy if you want to block adult sites like Pornhub, too.

mSpy packs a lot of features that you can use on different occasions. Aside from parental controls, it can also be used to catch cheaters or spy on someone.

Now, you can subscribe to mSpy services by clicking the button below. Your kids’ protection can’t wait, get started right away.


It’s clear that in this Bark reviews that it is a parent’s call to protect and guide children toward what’s best for them. One way that you can do this with your kids is to install Bark Parental Control App or any of the alternatives. You can try them out and see for yourself which one is the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The online world is fast evolving; as a parent whose kids are heavily immersed in browsing the internet, watching content, and interacting with strangers, it is your responsibility to guard them against online threats. So, as much as possible, you also need to keep up with the trend to provide kids total protection.

Yes. It is ideal that you discuss with your kids your parental control measures so you can encourage openness and cooperation in the family. However, you have a difficult time doing this with unruly kids.