Baby’s Breath Meaning, Symbolism, Growing, and More

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Baby’s breath (scientific name: Gypsophila) has been one of the most common yet popular flowers for hundreds of years. The subtle elegance and beauty of this ornamental flower have captured many people, making it the primary filler flower for bouquets or designs in most weddings. Because of its white color, the baby’s breath matches different flowers such as roses, tulips, etc.

While baby’s breath can be used for decorations in weddings, marriage anniversaries, christenings, and similar celebrations, you may wonder why out of so many flower options. Well, we are here to help you better understand that. In this article, we will discuss with you the flower’s meaning, how it’s grown, and where you can buy a baby’s breath. Read on for more details.

Part 1: Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning and Symbolism

It’s not just the subtle beauty of the flower that makes it appealing for celebrations like weddings. Over the years, baby’s breath has had its fair share of meanings, which makes it more special for such occasions. Below are the most common meanings behind the flower.


Since the flower has been a popular motif for weddings, it’s become closely tied to love and emotions that last forever. It can act as a reminder that the marriage or relationship should be nurtured and cherished continuously. That’s why you can see baby’s breath in most rose bouquets, too.

Baby's Breath Bride


Well, marriages often result in the birth of babies born of love and affection. With that, you can see the baby’s breath on occasions like baby showers as well. Typically, the flower could be given to a married couple who just had a baby.

Pureness and Innocence

This specifically applies to a white baby’s breath. Such a color just speaks of purity when you look at it. And because of the small size of the flower, it can be likened to little children. They are innocent and honest.


Other people also believe that a baby’s breath can also mean devotion or focus on more important things in life. It’s like you can control your desires and keep them at healthy levels as there are matters far greater than you are.

Holy Spirit

In Christian religions, specifically Roman Catholic, a baby’s breath could also mean the holy spirit. Yes! It’s not just doves that symbolize the divine for them. You may notice this when they adorn their church altars with baby’s breath flowers.

Baby's Breath

Baby’s Breath Symbolism Based on Color

Besides the general meanings presented above, a baby’s breath has symbolisms based on color as well. The flower comes in variations of colors. Typically, you’d see white baby breath-flowers, right? Well, there are also other colors such as purple, red, yellow, and pink baby’s breath. Below are what they symbolize:

  • White – Purity, innocence, harmony, spirituality, peace
  • Purple – Royalty, beauty, elegance, opulence
  • Red – Romance, love, attraction, affection, warmth
  • Yellow – Joy, friendship, family
  • Pink – Gentleness, caring love, importance

Because of these meanings and symbolisms, a baby’s breath has become more than just an ornamental flower. You can set them up with a specific purpose in mind.

Part 2: Shopping Baby’s Breath Flower

Now that you know all the meanings and symbols of a baby’s breath, you may be interested in buying a set or two for decoration or as a gift to someone. Most flower shops have baby’s breath. So, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find some. You may purchase a bunch of it online or just visit a physical flower shop.

Flower Shop

Buf if buying flowers is new to you, don’t worry. It’s very easy to find where to purchase them. Whether or not you are buying online or from a physical store, you should know where the nearest shop is. You wouldn’t want your Gypsophila to get damaged because of transportation. So, open up your phone and search for the nearest flower shop on Google.

Google will show you a map of all the flower shops near your house. From there you can check whether those shops have delivery services. If such an option is not available, you may need to visit and purchase the baby’s breath flowers yourself.


If you are planning to gift flowers to someone, you may ask the florist to do the arranging for you. They can also give you ideas about the best centerpiece flowers depending on the type of celebration or whatnot.

Part 3: Growing Baby’s Breath at Home

Well, if access to flower shops is difficult for you, growing a baby’s breath in your own backyard could be a great decision. All you need to do is buy seeds and let them grow in the comfort of your own home.

When and Where to Grow Baby’s Breath

It’s important to know when and where you can grow a baby’s breath to guarantee success. Let’s start with when. We recommend that you sow the seeds during the dry, summer, or spring seasons. As per experience, a baby’s breath doesn’t do well during wet seasons or winter. They could easily wither during such harsh conditions. So, choose sunny weather depending on the climate patterns in your region.

Planting Babys Breath

As for where you can plant them in pots first. Just make sure there’s enough free-draining soil or neutral soil. You may also add some grit when planting to ensure success. Baby’s breath doesn’t enjoy acid soils. Typically, legit flower shops let you know what type of soil is the best for the seeds you’ve bought.

How to Plant Baby’s Breath

The process is actually pretty simple. It’s just like any other plant. You just need to dig a hole into the soil in the pot. Just make sure that the hole’s depth is the same as the pot’s. Then, bury the seeds in there. If the soil is quite heavy, you may put some grit and compost. Finally, water the pot regularly and wait for a few days.


Baby’s breath flowers are usually just for decorations to help highlight more prominent flowers or centerpieces. However, they can still stand on their own because they are rich in meaning and symbolism, and they are easy to find and grow, too. People love them because they can make celebrations much more meaningful and beautiful.


Originally, Baby’s Breath was native to Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa. But because it has been a popular flower for celebrations, it’s become widespread in many regions all over the world.

Gypsophila elegans is a type of annual baby’s breath or showy baby’s breath. Like regular ones, they can also be used as ornaments for celebrations. It comes in white color.