When we are hosting an event like a baby shower, we want to make the venue look spectacular. One of the ways to do that is by adding an accent chair. It’s amazing how adding a chair in the center makes the whole venue look different. Luckily, instead of buying expensive chairs, we can now rent them. There are a lot of chair rental companies online, but only a few of them are legit and reliable.

Now, if you’re hosting your own baby shower or you’re helping a friend, you might be looking for some place where you can rent baby shower chairs. Good news! We narrowed down the list and reviewed some amazing stores where you can rent chairs for an upcoming baby shower.

Best Royal Chair Rental Shop: The Brat Shack Party Supplies

First on the list is The Brat Shack. This New York based party supplier offers party and venue essentials for any occasion including baby showers.

The Brat Shack Party Supplies

This shop basically caters to everything, from birthdays, weddings, and baby showers, to graduation and more! They offer party planning services and individual party needs like accent chairs, tables, decorations, and more.

The Brat Shack Party Supplies Chairs

When it comes to their baby shower chairs, I noticed that they have a lot of options. Most are royal chairs, but you can also see some that have a unique theme and design. And it’s not just a chair, if you want your baby shower to be extra, you can rent a whole sofa. You can rent the chair alone or avail a whole decoration set up. Of course, the decoration will be based on the theme you wanted.

Rental Terms

Companies have different rules when it comes to renting. We read Brat Shack’s terms of service and here are some important things you should know.

  • There is a security deposit (minimum of $50) depending on the total merchandise and is refundable after returning the items.
  • Reservation fees are not refundable or transferable if canceled.
  • The delivery fee starts at $40 and will depend on the location. Check out their delivery chart here.
  • On the delivery date, renters have a 10 to 15 minutes grace period to claim and recognize the delivery on the venue. If it’s a no-show, the order is automatically canceled.
  • Upon pick-up, renters will be charged $15 (which will be deducted from the security deposit) for every 25 minutes if the driver has to wait for your errands. Like opening gifts, and taking pictures. etc.

Contact Information

Their physical store is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Best Customer Service: Elevation Party Rentals

If you’re looking for a rental place that offers classy and royalty-like pieces, then check out Elevation Party Rentals. It delivers to Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and surrounding areas.

Elevation Party Rentals

This company has a vast collection of elegant and stylish rental pieces such as royal chairs, accent tables, centerpieces, and more! Aside from that, planning and decoration services.

Upon checking their Gallery, all I can say is that their setup is really sophisticated. And if you’re planning to rent baby shower chairs here, you’ll surely find one-of-a-kind pieces. Just like this;

Elevation Party Rentals Chairs

And as I was checking some reviews, I found out that they have good customer service. They also cater to last-minute and rush orders, depending on stocks and location of course.

Rental Terms

We reviewed the Elevation Party Rentals rental terms so you don’t have to. Here are some things you should know before renting baby shower chairs from them.

  • A phone consultation is needed to confirm the rental. Once it’s confirmed the customer will receive the invoice.
  • There is a 50% non-refundable deposit for every transaction.
  • Has drop-off and set-up options for an additional fee.
  • Clients will need to sign a waiver if ever the items are damaged by them.
  • The rental and return period is 24 hours. Failure to follow this grace period will cost additional charges.

Contact Information

Best for Budgetarian Moms: Lounge Party Rentals

Next on the list is for thrifty moms-to-be. Baby showers don’t need to be expensive, you just have to be creative! If you’re on a budget but still want to make your baby shower iconic better check out Lounge Party Rentals.

Lounge Party Rentals

They offer fabulous royal chairs and couches that are less expensive compared to other companies. When it comes to throne chairs, they have a lot! You’ll definitely see one that is perfect for your fabulous baby shower. Aside from chairs, they also offer royal couches and other types of chairs. You can rent an amazing royal chair for your baby shower for as low as $70! How great is that?

Lounge Party Rentals Chairs

They currently serve all parts of California.

Rental Terms

Do Lounge Party Rentals services sound good to you? Well, take a look at their rental policies first.

  • The client must pay the full rent upon placing the order.
  • The company requires a copy of the client’s ID and credit card (front and back).
  • The standard delivery charge is based on the total amount and 30 miles from the company address. Check out the delivery fee below.

Rental Amount Delivery Fee
$1 to $1000 $99
$1001 to $2000 $149
$2001 to $3000 $199
$3001 to $4000 $249
$4001 to $5000 $299
$5001 and up $499

  • Regular delivery and pick up are up to 9:00 am – 5:00 pm only. Delayed pick ups from 5:01 pm to 8:59 am will be charged $199.

Best One-Stop-Shop Rental: Abbott’s Party Rentals

I’ve organized my baby shower as well, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not easy. Aside from choosing the right baby shower chair, I also have to look for places where I can order the other things that I need. It was so stressful. To avoid the same problems I experienced, here’s a tip. Order all the things you need in one place. I know it’s hard to find companies today that have almost everything, but there are some that actually exist!

Abbott’s Party Rentals

Abbott’s Party Rentals is one of New York’s go-to rental places. This company has a large collection of rental pieces. From Royal chairs, love seats, tables, cooking equipment, glassware, centerpieces, and bar supplies, to renting waiter services. It’s amazing. And when it comes to their baby shower chairs, you have a lot of options. You can choose their stunning single royal chairs, or their adorable love seats, which will seat both mommy, daddy, and the other siblings.

Abbott’s Party Rentals Chairs

For less hassle, rent all the things you need here. They also do decoration packages. They serve Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, upper & lower Westchester, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Rental Terms

Interested in renting? Check out Abbott’s rental policies first.

  • The company requires your credit card information for security purposes on all transactions.
  • They accept payment through credit card, company check, or cash on delivery.
  • A 30% non-refundable deposit is required for some orders (e.g. chair covers & sashes) and large transactions.
  • The chairs must be stacked in designated locations as delivered or pick-up.

Contact Information

  • Telephone:(347) 843 8060, (833) 298-9038
  • Fax: (347) 843-8061

Best Over All: Daniela Events

Last but definitely not least is Daniela Events. One thing that amazes me about this one is its collection of beautiful chair rentals. Their pieces scream royalty, and one of the best collections I’ve seen so far. You’ll surely find one that will make you and your baby bump shine!

Daniela Events

This New Jersey based vendor specializes in delivering amazing rental service and great customer relations. For your upcoming baby shower, take a peek at their gorgeous collection. They have a couple of throne chairs, sofas, and some adorable love seats.

And if you’re too stressed out in planning the baby shower, well guess what? Daniela Events is here to help! You can get an instant quote depending on what decoration pieces you want. If you want a chair alone, a chair with a backdrop, or even full planning and decoration! How great is that?

Daniela Events Chairs

And while selecting items on their site, each product is given a full description like the size, materials used, color, price, and even the percentage deposit. Now that’s what I call transparency.

Rental Terms

If you’re fascinated by Daniela Events and its services, check out their terms and service first.

  • All transactions have a 30% security deposit.
  • The chairs are for one day of rent only.
  • Delivery fees will be based on the location.

Contact Information

  • Telephone: +(1 )732 8758099, +(1) 732 9930900
  • Email: info@danielaevents.com
  • Showroom Address: 2 Camner Avenue, Suite 2. Somerset, NJ 08873

Tips for Choosing the Rental Services

If it’s your first time renting, you probably don’t know where to start. Well, we have all been there, and we all know the struggle. But don’t worry, we will help you get started with these helpful tips for choosing rental services. Check them out.

1. Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials

One of the easiest ways to know if the rental company you’re eyeing is any good is by reading their customer feedback. These reviews will give you an idea of what to expect from the company, like how they handle clients’ concerns, is the customer service is good, and many more.

You may see some negative and positive reviews and this can be a bit confusing, but try to weigh in the reviews and see which is more. The bad or the good? Also, look out for red flags, if you see reviews that say the company is asking for too much personal information, or they are not responding well to concerns, If this is the case, it’s better if you look for another rental place.

2. Ask and Clarify the Rental Terms

We all know how hard it is to read and comprehend rental contracts. But understanding the rental terms of a company is crucial, you have to know what you’re signing up for. If there’s any that confuses you, don’t hesitate to ask. It is better to clarify everything before you sign the contract. Make sure you know every single detail.

3. Check Out the Rental Pieces

When you check on a rental company’s website, you will see beautiful and new pieces, but when you actually received the item, it’s all worn out and damaged. This is a common mistake when renting, people’s expectation doesn’t meet the reality of what the actual product is like. So if possible, ask the company for a real-time photo of the item or see the item in person before renting. Make sure to check for damages, and see if the item is still good to use or working. This way, you can make sure that you’re getting what you paid for.

4. Compare the Prices

Renting can be expensive. But there are companies that offer the same services as others but with a lower price tag. When renting, try to check out multiple companies, list the ones that you like and write their prices, terms, etc. When you’re done, see your list and check which one is cheaper or the one that offers the best service.


Baby showers only happen once in a while, so we better make it special. If you know someone that’s struggling to find a reliable baby shower chair rental, recommend this article to them. It will surely help.