Anything But A Cup Party Ideas to Make You Shine All Night

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We love parties! Especially those parties that have a fun theme, such as this very popular anything-but-a-cup party, AKA no-cup party.

If you’re invited to a party like this, you need to prepare your own container to enjoy beverages. You can’t bring a cup as its name suggests.

It’s absolutely funny – you can see so many things that are not designed to be a cup are now used as a cup. The way that your friends are drinking with that “cup” is so hilarious.

If you want to be the star of the night, you need a genius idea to surprise everyone. In this post, I will show you some best anything-but-a-cup ideas. Hopefully, you can be the king or queen of the party!

Part 1: Funny Ideas for Anything But A Cup Party

In this part, we will take a look at some genius ideas for the party. They’re all funny. Everyone at the party will burst into laughter when they see your “cup”. Most of these things can easily be found at your home or in supermarkets. Read on!

1. Cooking Ware

Let’s take a look at the kitchen first. What can we find there? Bowls, pots, pans, dishes, kettles, and food processors are just good choices.

Also, all those bottles for seasoning, like ketchup, mayonnaise, pepper, chilly sauce, and soy sauce shine a bit too.

We have something more robust: a mortar. If you can find this in your kitchen, take it with you!

I know it’s a bit heavy. But a stone mortar with a pestle will certainly surprise your friends, especially those young and naive ones who never get into the kitchen. With this, you can show off by making cocktails for your friends. Smash the fruits and blend them with alcohol! Handmade cocktail in the time-honored method!

Anything But A Cup Idea: Mortar

2. Snack Bag

When you finish a pack of chips, chocolate, instant noodle, or candies, don’t throw the package away. Wash it clean, fold it, and put it in your pocket. When somebody asks you where your cup is, take it out!

They will not leak as most of these packages are made of plastic or aluminum foil. It’s cheap and “recyclable” – at least, you don’t need to buy a new item.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Chip Bag

3. Bags

Whatever bags, as long as they won’t leak, bring one! Canvas bags, plastic bags (yes! Disposable bags), school bags, handbags, purses, and backpacks are all available to you.

When you bring any of these bags to the spot, people are curious about what cup you will take out from the bag. “Sorry, nothing is inside. This is my “cup”. Surprise!” Congratulations. You’ve fooled them.

4. Clothing and Accessories

Anything that has a pocket in front will work, like overalls, suspender skirts/dresses, or shirts.

Also, caps, hats, socks (better be a new pair), or gloves will surprise others too.

You can wear one directly to the party without carrying anything at all. If you’re afraid it will get wet, easily, use a fresh-keeping bag or plastic bag.

5. Empty Pill Bottles

Something that’s used for health is now used as a “cup” to drink alcohol. How ironic.

To make it more shocking, you can write some serious sickness on the label like “cancer”, “AIDS”, etc.

The only sad thing about a pill bottle is that it’s so small. You may have to fill it every few seconds. So, try to order the biggest one if possible.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Pill Bottle

6. Fruit or Vegetable Peels/Shells

This is more than funny but also eco-friendly. A coconut shell is such a wonderful idea.

A watermelon, pineapple, orange, lime, lemon, pumpkin, melon, or any other fruit that you can remove the flesh without damaging the peel or shell will make you look like a friend of the environment.

By the way, if you bring some bell peppers or tomatoes, it will look funny when you take a bite of them after you finish a sip.

You will be my hero if you use a durian shell!

Tip: How to Remove the Flesh And Keep the Peel Intact

Chop the fruit or vegetable in half. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh. Be careful. Don’t break the skin/shell.

If you can’t get all the flesh out, that’s ok. Some remaining will make your drink taste different.

Therefore, you’d use your favorite fruit or vegetable for this process. Otherwise, you can’t swallow any drinks that are poured into this cup.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Coconut Shell

7. Bulbs

Go to the market and buy a new bulb. Twist the metal top to remove the filament. Be careful and don’t clink it. A light bulb is very fragile.

Better warp the bulb with tape so the pieces won’t fall and cut your fingers when it breaks.

8. Egg Shells

Chicken, duck, crocodile, or any other small eggs are just unacceptable. Buy an ostrich egg! That’s the biggest egg you can get. It’s even bigger than a grown man’s fist.

Bring the shell of it will surely surprise your fellows. They will question you and assume this is a man-made plastic product. Well, this is when you get the chance to have a “class” with them!

Anything But A Cup Idea: Ostrich Egg

9. Cheese Bowl

We can not just dine with a cheese bowl but also drink with it. If you love cheese, bring it with you. Also, after the party, if you’re hungry, order some pasta and eat it with your cheese bowl. People will be shocked by your action.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Cheese Bowl

10. Bottles for Disinfectant, Sanitizer, and Gasoline

“God! Is that person drinking disinfectant/sanitizer/gasoline?” Someone will scream out when they see you drink with a bottle that’s supposed to contain disinfectant or gasoline.

Of course, don’t just grab a used bottle. Go to the market and buy a new one.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Bottles for Disinfectant, Sanitizer, and Gasoline

11. Water Gun

A water gun is not just for a pool party. It’s also a perfect cup for an Anything-but-a-cup party.

It would be great if you could persuade some of your friends to bring water guns. You can share each other’s drink by shooting it to the mouth.

Since you’re about to drink it with the gun, so you’d better don’t use a powerful one. It will hurt your mouth.

Part 2: Gross Ideas for Anything But A Cup Party

Sometimes, to be the real star of the party, you need to be slightly different. Instead of just surprising everybody, you may need to “terrify” them with some “gross” ideas.

If you’re bold enough and decide to make everybody lose for words, check out these ideas!

1. Baby Toilet/potties

When you were still a baby, you must have been through potty training! Still remember that plastic baby toilet? That is your secret weapon to conquer this party.

It’s available in most markets. But a new one seems not powerful enough. To make it even more frightening, you may “color” this cup with some melted chocolate.

Tip: A cat, dog, or pet toilet will do the same impact.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Potty

2. Plunger

Hold it like an Olympic torch, people will be entertained and you will be the star of the night.

But like a baby toilet, a new plunger seems to be weak. We can upgrade it with these:

  • Tear some toilet paper and get it wet;
  • Glue it to the plunger when it’s dry;
  • Sprinkle some wheat and corn flour on it;
  • Spray some water to complete.

This is how you make a heavily “used” and “uncleaned” plunger.

3. Barbie Dolls (The Head Mostly)

The head of a barbie doll is removable and hollow – a perfect creepy cup for the party.

Just the size of a normal barbie doll is too small. Buy a large size instead. Also, when the party is over, you can give it to your little sister as a gift. Remember to put the head back on its body.

4. Skulls

A head of a Barbie doll is not challenging at all. Let’s try something that needs guts –  a skull! On Amazon, there’re a lot of plastic or carbon models. Buy a life-size and you’re good to go.

You’re the “cannibal” of the night! Hold the skull by the back of the head, then pour the drink from the eyes, and pop in a straw or two through the nose. You can chug now!

You can buy a skull of animals, like an ox, goat, or pig. For animal skulls, you may buy a real one and boast at the party.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Skull

5. Urine Bag

A urine bag is indeed gross especially when you fill it with beer. However, not a lot of people can recognize a urine bag. After all, only a few groups of people will use it or have witnessed it before.

Well, if you join a party that will be attended by many nurses and doctors, this can be an ace.


When a urine bag is not common, you may use a medical basin. Doctors use it to hold earwax, stones, teeth, teeth stone, and fecal. I think most people must have been through a dental check.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Urine Bag

6. Worn Shoes

Do you have an old Converse or Vans that are covered in mud? That’s going to be your cup of the night.

Remember to place two plastic bags inside your shoe just in case one has holes and your drink is polluted. Remember to tuck the two plastic bags or trim them to make them less obvious. Use

However, this is really an option that takes guts and caution. Plastic bags are fragile and can easily be ripped. If that happens and you drink the polluted beverage, you may get diarrhea which is the lightest symptom. What can be worse is that you will get a fungal infection in your mouth or even stomach.

So, never lay down your caution when you are binging.

Anything But A Cup Idea: Worn Shoe


Some say it’s a dead body, some think it’s a septic tank, and others liken it to a trash bin that is left unclean for years. What is it? The Swedish delicacy, surströmming, is a kind of fermented herring that is widely considered the stinkiest food.

There’s this heated surströmming challenge on YouTube – people open a can of it and taste it. A lot of people have failed the challenge simply because they got beaten on the nose by that overwhelming smell.

The can of it is very recognizable. Your friends will know what you’re holding as long as they have a smartphone. I think they will come over and ask you about the smell of the herring, “is it really that bad”, and “did you eat it“, prepare your answer then.

By the way, if this is your choice for the party, you’d better start to prepare it at least a week ahead. Because if you can’t handle the smell, you can dump the fish and juice directly. Wash the can a couple of times and lay it aside for days to get rid of the smell.

Anything But A Cup Idea: SURSTRÖMMING Can

8. A Denture Case with Denture

With no disrespect, but if there’s a list of “what’s the last thing you want to see in your food”, I bet “grandma/grandpa’s denture” will be on the top 10.

Indeed, no one wants to find the denture in the dish or cup. It’s gross. But when it comes to the anything-but-a-cup party, this can be a hell of a good idea.

At first, when people look at the case, they go like “okay, just a regular case”. When you open it, the denture inside shines like gold!

To make it more blasting, try to “decorate” the denture with some vegetable or meat dregs ( of course, pinch them out from the food in a clean way). Also, put the denture in tea to do the coloring. Done!

Anything But A Cup Idea: Denture Case


At this party, you need to prepare a container that you use to drink. You cannot use any cups or bottles. It should be something that’s not designed for drinking water.

Other than this, there are not other rules exactly. Depending on the will of the host, there may be some other rules.