10 Physical Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

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Being in a relationship means that we experience a lot of emotions, issues, and troubles. One of the most notorious issues that a couple can experience is infidelity or cheating. Cheating has been one of the main reasons why some couples break up. And honestly speaking, being in this situation is really heartbreaking.

Sometimes we can’t avoid feeling suspicious about our partners about their loyalty and if they are cheating on us. Especially when they are acting very strange and have been different lately.

You might be feeling this way with your girlfriend/wife as of this moment and wondering if your wife just slept with someone else, well you are in the right place.

In this article, we will help find out the truth and give you some possible signs to help you figure out if your wife just slept with someone else.

Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

Your cheating girlfriend/wife can hide the truth from you about her secret extracurricular activity with other men, but she can’t hide her suspicions, actions, and body language that will potentially reveal her secret. So sit back and relax as we have listed 10 signs your wife just slept with someone else.


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Social Signs your Wife just Slept with Someone Else

When your girlfriend/wife is cheating on you or has been fooling around with someone else, you can see signs of her infidelity through her social interactions with you or when she’s around other people.

1. Always Busy With Her Phone

The first thing you can notice if your girlfriend/wife is cheating is that she is always on her phone wherever she is. Even if you’re at the dinner table or even watching movies if she’s really hooked on her phone, well there might be something fishy going on.

There are chances that while you are in the corner watching her, she could be in contact with her lover planning their next meet-up and sending heart emojis to each other.

2. Being with you Makes Her Bored

If your girlfriend/wife is cheating with you she can lose her excitement when she’s with you. When you are on a date with her and you notice that she is bored while you’re having fun, chances are that she no longer enjoys your companion.

This is maybe because she feels exhausted when she’s with you and because she is looking forward to going out with her lover rather than spending time with you.

3. She Seems More Reserved and Quiet than Usual

Believe it or not, cheaters have a conscience too, but even if they are aware that what they’re doing is wrong, they still continue to do it anyway.

If you notice that your girlfriend/wife is awfully quiet than she usually is, this is maybe because she’s feeling guilty about the infidelity she is committing. If you see her staring at nowhere and thinking deeply about something, well that is really something you should be worried about.

4. You’ve Caught Her on Dating Apps

We can see a lot of stories shared by happy couples on Social Media that they found their soulmate on popular dating apps. And honestly speaking, those kinds of stories are really inspiring and it looks like they came out of a movie.

But the truth is, affairs also start with dating apps. There are people like your girlfriend/wife that are not contented in the relationship that they have and use dating apps to ease the itch that they feel. And for you to know, the people who meet on dating sites meet each other end up sleeping together. If you want to make sure she’s not using dating apps, check this list of Top 5 Most Popular Cheating Apps for Secret Affairs.

Now if you’ve found that your girlfriend/wife has dating apps installed on her phone, then there is a huge chance that she’s using them to contact other men. If not, then why else would she install them?

Emotional Signs your Wife just Slept with Someone Else

If a person is doing adulterous acts, you can sense it by the emotions they show and by how they think and react to certain things.

5. You are No Longer Included in Her Future Plans

If your girlfriend or wife is sleeping with someone else, there is a hefty chance that her feelings for you have already changed. That is why when you casually ask her about the future, she answers that you are no longer a part of it.

You see, if your girlfriend or wife is sleeping with someone else she can develop feelings for that person and will eventually forget you. That may be the reason why she is no longer planning to spend the coming years with you.

6. She Can’t Look at you in the Eye

People who are hiding something are afraid to get caught, and not looking directly at their partner’s eyes is their defense mechanism. If you noticed that your girlfriend or wife can’t look at you directly when you’re having a conversation or she’s acting very awkward when she’s with you. Then maybe that’s her way of hiding her secret with you.

If she’s not hiding something, then why else would she be awkward with the person she’s in a relationship with?

7. No Longer Interested in the Things you Like

In connection with sign number 2, if your girlfriend or wife stopped showing interest in you or the things you like, that is maybe because her feelings for you have already faded because she is already attracted to somebody else.

Physical Signs your Wife just Slept with Someone Else

A person’s physical interactions with other people can be affected by the secrets they hide. If your wife just slept with someone else there’s a tendency that you can notice this by her physical actions towards you. Here are the physical signs she is sleeping with someone else.

8. She’s Having an Intimacy Issue with you

Intimacy is one of the keys to keeping your relationship healthy and warm. Over time having a private moment with our partner can get dull and can get very boring. While this situation happens to a lot of strong relationships, this is also a huge sign that one of them is cheating.

If you feel that your girlfriend or wife is having trouble being intimate with you, then this is maybe because she has been frequently intimate with someone else, and being with you no longer excites her.

Or maybe she’s just tired and exhausted from work? Well, we never know that.

Other Signs your Wife just Slept with Someone Else

Spending quality time and being honest with our partners is important as it helps us build our relationship. That is why time and honesty should be taken seriously when it comes to being in a relationship.

9. Comes Home Late Every Time

Your girlfriend or wife might have a career and working overtime is nothing new. But if this working overtime thing has been frequent and you think that she’s been acting strange lately. Maybe because she might be hanging out and sleeping around with men lately.

Or maybe she’s just finishing this important project at work, that is why she’s been busy, exhausted, and getting home late. Well, we can never tell.

10. She’s Lying to You About Her Appointments

As I’ve said, loyalty is a total must in a relationship. That is why if your girlfriend is lying to you about her whereabouts and appointments, she could be going on dates with her private affair. If not, maybe she’s just visiting some friends and spending time with them. If you

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Final Thoughts

Betrayal is the hardest thing to accept. But we should always remember that our world should not revolve around one person, instead look at the bright side and give time to ourselves. Self-love is one of the best medicines for a broken heart.


The first thing you should do is give yourself time to ease out. If you confront your girlfriend while your emotions are at peak, it could lead to violence or something much worse. If you two decided to end the relation, don’t forget to give yourself some space and time to heal.

After a break-up, many people experience a range of difficult feelings, like sadness, anger or guilt, which may lead to feeling rejected, confused, or lonely. You might even feel relief which can be just as confusing.

There are five stages of grief that also apply for breakups that you will go through. There’s denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.